Caesalpinia Spinosa Gum


INCI code: Caesalpinia spinosa gum


It is obtained by grinding the endosperm of the seeds of Caesalpinia spinosa (Fam. Leguminosae); It consists mainly of high molecular weight polysaccharides composed primarily of galactomannans. The main component consists of a linear chain of (1, 4) -beta-D-mannopyranose units with alpha-D-galactopyranose units linked by (16) linkages; The ratio of mannose to galactose in the tara gum is 3: 1.


Caesalpinia spinosa gum is obtained by dry grinding of the premium endosperm (rigorously selected) from the Peruvian Tara seed, a galactomannan 100% natural origin without any added substance in the process.


It is a fine powder of white color free of impurities, it does not bring smell or flavor in the formulations to be elaborated.



  • 100% vegetable origin
  • Stabilizer, thickener
  • Texturizing agent: Non-sticky, non-fibrous, soft feeling. Enhances and softens the texture of cream gels.
  • Resistance to electrolysis
  • Easy to use, instant hydration
  • It is more easily dispersible
  • Nonionic structure. Compatible with anionic or cationic ingredients (preservatives, surfactants, etc.)
  • Preservative-free