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***Extract from 1st Quarter 2009***

Tara Gum Producer

A new (to IMR) producer of tara gum has come to our attention. The company has a new facility with a “continuous production process.” The production area is kept clean and sterile through an array of air filters and infrared radiation. Production is in a 4 stage graduated milling process that is fully automated through pneumatic control. Low temperature processing at this facility contrast with other producers using stone grinding in a batch process. Stone grinding generates high temperatures and the need for cooling water which in turn increases risk of bacterial contamination.


Mr. Herbert Telge- President

Molinos Asociados SAC

Calle 2 Manzana N, Lote 4 y 5

Las Vertientes, Villa el Salvador



Tel. +511 99415 8351 (cell)

Tara gum is marketed under the tradename Moligum 5000â„¢. The website shows a clean, newer looking plant, warehousing and R&D facility. Claimed capacity is 90 tonnes per month or 1,000 tonnes per year. It is unlikely that the plant could be operated at capacity as this would require some 50% of all raw material available in Peru. IMR has not visited or otherwise verified the above claims made by the gum producer. Clients are advised to conduct their own due diligence in evaluating this potentially new source of supply.

***End of Extract from 1st Quarterly 2009***